Leeds 1969
Football fan Brian has decided to 'put away childish things' and embark on a career in Retail Management. His mentors are a drunken and possibly dishonest manager along with his oily and self - serving deputy.
Brian struggles to learn his craft against a background of chaos. He is accompanied by a cast of thieves, perverts and violent criminals and quickly learns that selling is only part of his role: Coping with the many diversions is equally important.
His only helper is a silver tongued Irishman called John Carney who has his own unusual and often hilarious methods of problem - solving. Carney masks his considerable courage with a string of witty one - liners as he assists Brian and his equally inexperienced colleague to get the job done
Bielsa = Leeds
In 2018, the Alchemist from Argentina came to Leeds United and forged a Golden Team out of Base Metal. 
Virtually the same squad finished thirteenth in the Championship the previous season. In 2018 - 2019 they led the League for large parts of the season before crashing out of the playoffs.
Nevertheless, the Man from Rosario changed perceptions of the club forever. He has united a city and shown that the old values of honesty, respect and integrity still count for something in the modern game.
This book is an ordinary fan's take on an extraordinary season and an extraordinary man.